Billing Software

Our Billing Software is a great billing / invoice program for any business(shopes/Medicals/ Restaurant ect.).


  • Payment Management Module
  • Bill Management Module
  • Bill Type Module
  • Employee Module
  • Report Module
  • Login Module

System Analysis

Your employees will love the anytime, anywhere access to pay slips, salary statements, flexi benefits reports, Form 16 and other useful reports. Data of past years too can be made available for viewing by the employees.

Detailed Design Of Implementation

  • This phase of the system development life cycle refines hardware and software specification, establishes programming plans, trains users and implements extensive testing procedure, to evaluate design and opersting specifications and/or provide the basis for further modification

Technical Design

  • This activity builds upon specifications produced during new system design, adding detailed technical specifications and documentation.

Why choose Troy Billing Software

  • Troy Billing Software is being successfully implemented in large corporations of India and UAE.
  • We offer product customization services to make our system to adapt to your local billing Software
  • Our user-friendly payroll software is built on Microsoft technologies for hassle free access.
  • It is featured with security options to allow only the authorized users to access the restricted sections.
  • It smoothly adapts to your organizational policies and business requirements
  • Our system delivers accurate data to avoid the complexity of manual payroll calculations
  • The modular nature of the HRMS product allows faster customization process to build modules based on your business needs.
  • With constructive methodology and project management process, we provide rapid implementation of HRMS software.
  • Our product can successfully run on different industrial verticals including Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Processed Foods, Construction, Packaging etc, and therefore, our product can incorporate some of the best HR practices in different industries.
  • Flamingo can seamlessly integrate with the existing ERP, Financial systems and etc.
  • Our expertise implementation consultant will conduct Training for HRMS by ensuring clarity and strong delivery of knowledge
  • Our product is developed with the help of industrial expertise, chartered accountants and customers, to perfectly match with every organization.
  • We offer supporting service at any point of time to ensure continued satisfaction