FTP vs. Custom Domains

Bloggers who rely on our FTP service to publish their blog to their own domain had a rough week last week. In fact, it’s been a bumpy month or two. Let’s start with the most important comment on this state of affairs: this sucks, and we’re sorry. (Note: this is a lengthy post, and goes into a fair [...]

jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet

jQuery Visual Cheat Sheet is an useful and practical reference to jQuery 1.3 for web designers and developers designed by me. This cheat sheet (6 pages) contains the full jQuery API reference with detailed descriptions and some sample code. The simple visual style I used to design this sheet allows you to find at a glance [...]

How to Create a ‘Market-Oriented’ Design?

Regardless of what business genre you operate in, identifying your target market is the key to success. Not only does this help in narrowing down your marketing efforts, it also helps you in cost-cutting. This is because in today’s miserable economic conditions, no business can afford to serve all and sundry. Hence, a clear and [...]

2011 Was a Great Year. 2012 Will be Even Better.

When I end a year, I like to take a moment to step back and appreciate what we accomplished.  2011 has been an incredibly exciting year for Avangate.

Search Engine Optimization for Blogs – SEO

Search Engine Optimization is something that makes many blogger’s heads spin – I know this because every time I write an SEO article I get comments from bloggers telling me that its too big a topic and that they’d rather just write ‘quality content’. Whilst I’ll never argue that quality content should be anything but a [...]

The Easy Way To Use Google Analytics to Improve Your Website & Get More Customers

Many website owners install Google Analytics in an attempt to gauge the success or failure of their online ventures. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to become overwhelmed by the data available, and to ignore the truly valuable statistics and the relationships between them. It is also very easy to focus too heavily on metrics [...]


If in the past, we’d turn to our family or friends circles for recommendations, advice, opinions or answers, it then turned towards “www.com” ever since it appeared on the virtual scene. Today, we are once again back to asking friends and family circles with the help of this World Wide Web. The 3 W’s have [...]

PrestaShop Certified Partner

More than 22 years of seamless performance and another milestone reached! Today,  we proudly confirm our engagement with PrestaShop, becoming one of the most elite, silver certified partners. PrestaShop has evolved rapidly to be one the most ideal and popular open source E-Commerce solutions. It is apparent that each new version has been developed on the [...]

Facebook Fan Coupon

With social media, and especially Facebook, being a prominent part of marketing plans for an e-commerce store, this module offers some very interesting features. According to the PrestaShop Addons store the Facebook Fan Coupon module allows “your customers receive a reduction coupon (on the products of your site) since they become “a fan” of your [...]

How to Create a Great Slideshow!

The slideshow has been an essential part of online shopping sites for a long time now. 8 of the 15 most visited French websites feature them on their homepage. The slideshow is an indispensible sales tool which you need to learn how to create as it will not only increase product visibility but also clearly express your [...]